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Library and Information centre

Library and Information centre, IIL is one of the best Law college libraries in the state. It started its function with a vision to serve the information needs of its users and it mainly holds books related to Law and allied subjects. Indore Institute of Law established its library in the year 2003 the library collection is about 9199 Volumes. The library amazingly rich collection contains Abstracts, Directories, Yearbooks, Biographical sources, Textbooks, Thesis, Dissertations, Encyclopedias and General books including novels. The library is also subscribing for 10 + Law Journals, 8 general magazines and library subscribed full text online database like Manupatra, Supreme court cases, A Comprising of more than 1000 journals E resources NSL facility (National Seminar of Law on Enhanced Learning) to access video lectures and Membership of DELNET (Inter library loan) for resource sharing. Digital library with 20 systems to access the E-Journals, E-books, CD/DVD’s are available in library. Library & Information Centre provides uncompromising information and intellectual requirements to its students and faculty with an user-friendly approach. It offers a fully integrated and dynamic environment for conducting academic study. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available in Reference Section and Sock Section as well. Beside this, it provides Lending of books and journal back volumes, reservation of books, photocopying, CD/DVD and Internet services, etc


To become a premier learning resource centre with a state of Law library resources and services in Legal and related areas.

Library Services

  1. Book Circulation Service
  2. Reference service / Referral Service
  3. Journals & General magazine section
  4. Newspaper section
  5. Web OPAC / Bibliographic service
  6. Online Access to e-resources
  7. E-VIDYA Digital Library service
  8. Inter Library Loan / Document delivery service (through DELNET)
  9. Reprographic services

E- Resources

The Law Library subscribed following Legal Databases like Manuptra providing access to the following online electronic resources to its users.


Supreme Court Cases online databases

Print Journals


1 Supreme Court Cases Eastern Book Compnay,Lucknow
2 All India Reporter All Indian Reporter Pvt Ltd
3 All India Cases Law Publishing House
4 Supreme Court Journal INFO MEDIA 18 LTD
5 Apex Court Expression ASAPP MEDIA PVT LTD
6 Supreme Court Judicial Decisions BITS PILANI
7 M.P.High Court Today Suvidha Law House Pvt.Ltd.
8 M.P.Law Journal M.P.Law Journal Pvt Ltd.
9 M.P.Law Times Allahabad Law Publications
10 M.P.Vidhi Nirnaysar Khetrapal Publication
12 Indian Bar Review Bar Council of India
13 Selected Judgement on Professional Ethics Bar Council of India
14 Social Welfare
15 M.P.Social Science Journal
16 The Indian Journal of Social Works
17 The Indian Journal of Industrial Relation
18 Law Journals

Library Collection
Total No. of Books 10000
Total No. of Titles 1365
Total No. of Journals Subscribed 18
Total No. of Journals Back Volumes 2000
Total No. of CD’s / DVD’s 130
Total No. of Membership 950
Total No. of Books in Book-Bank 1200
Total No. of Magazines 11
English 11
Total No. of News Papers 14
English 07

Contact :

  • Gendalal Bam Parisar
  • Opp.IIM Dehri Rangwasa Rau Pithampur Road
  • Indore M.P-452001
  • Tel: +91 4078780
  • Fax: +91 4078780

  • Suneel Kumar Jain
  • Chief Librarian
  • Email – suneel.jn@gmail.com,iillibrary2003@gmail.com
  • Ph – 09827307781
  • Suggestion :We have put the suggestion box in library. All library users can put their valuable suggestion at any time.

1. English including Comprehension

The English section will test the candidate’s proficiency in English based comprehension passages and grammar. In the comprehension section, candidates will be questioned on their understanding of the passage and its central theme, meanings of words used therein etc. The grammar section requires correction of incorrect grammatical sentences, filling in of blanks in sentences with appropriate words, etc.

2. General Knowledge/Current Affairs

This section will only test students on their knowledge of current affairs (broadly defined as matters featuring in the mainstream media between May 2010 and May 2011)

3. Mathematics

This section will test candidates only on “elementary” mathematics i.e. maths that is taught till the class 10th.

4. Logical Reasoning

The purpose of the logical reasoning section is to test the student’s ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. It will include a wide variety of logical reasoning questions such as syllogisms, logical sequences, analogies, etc. However, visual reasoning will not be tested, as this tends to disadvantage those that are visually impaired.

5. Legal Aptitude/Legal Awareness

Legal Aptitude/Legal Awareness This section will test students only on “legal aptitude”. Questions will be framed with the help of legal propositions (described in the paper), and a set of facts to which the said proposition has to be applied. Some propositions may not be “true” in the real sense (e.g. the legal proposition might be that any person who speaks in a movie hall and disturbs others that are watching the movie will be banned from entering any movie theater across India for one year). Candidates will have to assume the “truth” of these propositions and answer the question accordingly. Candidates will not be tested on any prior knowledge of law or legal concepts. If a technical/legal term is used in the question, that term will be explained in the question itself. For example, if the word patent is used, the meaning of patent (“a legal monopoly granted by the government for certain kinds of inventions”) will also be explained.

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