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Alumni Society

In the year of 2014, the Student Council of Indore Institute of Law is going to witness establishment of a new society, namely The Alumni Society.

Brief and Importance of the Society:-
Since the year of 2003, around 1200 students have passed out from the college and thus the college intends to connect to its alumni now contributing the best of their skills and knowledge in various fields across the globe.
The Alumni Society shall be acting as a mediator between the management and these alumni. It shall also ensure that the alumni realise that they are still a crucial part of the college and will always be.

Work Profile:-

  1. Maintenance of records of alumni.
  2. Plan and organise events for benefit of alumni.
  3. Organisation of CONVOCATION ceremony.
  4. Floating information to alumni regarding college events through mails and calls.
  5. Drafting of semester-wise Planner of their events.
  6. Regular calling to alumni on special occasions like their birthdays, festivals etc.
  7. Fetching suggestions from alumni in the matters of college events and betterment of Students’ Council.

Eligibility criteria:-

  1. Minimum 65% attendance.
  2. Participation in co-curricular activities of college.
  3. Approval of Election Candidature Form by at least 5 Faculties and concerned co-ordinating Faculty with final approval of H.O.D.
  4. Previous conduct including public relations in college and behavioural skills etc.

Election policy:-

  2. Each member shall hold office for the duration of 2 years
  3. 3. Election to this Society shall be according to Rotation policy i.e; the society shall never be dissolved as 3 students shall be replaced every year.
  4. Previous conduct including public relations in college and behavioural skills etc.

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