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Online Society

Work Profile

The online society is basically working on the online and computerized work of the college like the making of the presentations of the various events, updating about the programs online etc.

  • The society made a well informative presentation for the orientation program for the 1st semester students representing the college, its achievements, about the faculty and other information to make the new batch aware.

  • The work done by the society was on the day of induction , the only program that makes the freshers get themselves aquainted in the college and with the seniors and faculty.

  • Here the society made a ppt on the events organized, with the name of the candidate to make it more impactful.

  • The society did its great in the national law fest LEX BONANAZA 2014-15.

  • The information regarding the fest was spread through social networking sites. There was an online page made named ‘lex bonanza 2014-15’.

  • A well made presentation was made for the guest of honor.

  • Photographs of the event were updated.

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